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Feeding Your Group - Packed Lunches & Dinner Options Available

Book Packed Lunches & Group Dinners With Us in Advance - Save Time & Money

Are you planning a student group tour to Ireland and looking for meal options?

CGH is here for you!

No matter what location you are based in, either in Dublin, Cork or along the Wild Atlantic in Galway or the Burren, we can arrange a variety of meal options to keep your group well-fed during your stay. From Full Irish Breakfasts to packed lunches and dinners, we've got you covered! Including typical Irish favourites, like traditional Fish & Chips, to international delights, such as flavourful pasta dishes, our Group Meals Options offer a variety of dishes to suit all tastes. With years of experience booking meals for hundreds of student groups, we have established a strong network of suppliers who understand your unique needs.


Explore all the group meals options we offer and book now:

Irish Culture
Evening Activity
Meals Included
Restaurant area with blue walls, brown floor, 2 blue semi-circular sofas, brown tables and chairs.  Right for school groups, student trips and sport teams
The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant Dublin- Group Dinner Options
The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant is a stone’s throw away from Dublin’s main attractions an…
Location: Dublin
Beer Battered Fillet of Today's Catch served with chips, Brownie served with Ice-Cream and Chocolate Sauce.  Affordable 2 course dinners for groups
2 Course Group Dinner at The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant
Are you planning a group trip to Dublin and looking for affordable but tasty group dinner options? W…
Location: Dublin
Harbourmaster Specialty Chicken Wings, Chicken burger served with Toasted Brioche bun and fries, Brownie served Chocolate Sauce. Affordable 3 course meals for groups
3 Course Group Dinner at The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant
Situated in the heart of the financial centre in Dublin City, the Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant…
Location: Dublin
Packed Lunches For Your Group to Take on Trips
Packed Lunches for Your Group in Dublin
Wondering what to do with your group for lunch each day on your group trip to Dublin?   Why not…
Location: Dublin
Packed Lunches for Groups at GBC Restaurant
Packed Lunches for Groups in Galway City
Packed lunches are perfect for groups on a budget and will avoid the hassle of looking for a pub or…
Location: Galway
Group Meal Dinner Options at GBC Restaurant Galway - Enjoy Delicious Burgers
GBC Restaurant in Galway City
Are you looking for cost-effective meal options for your group stay in Galway City Centre? Nothing t…
Location: Galway
2-Course Group Meal at GBC Restaurant Galway with Homemade Soup of the Day
2 Course Evening Meal at GBC Restaurant in Galway City
If your group is on a budget but they would like to enjoy an evening meal in a local restaurant, we…
Location: Galway
3-Course Group Meal at GBC Restaurant Galway with Spaghetti
3 Course Evening Meal at GBC Restaurant in Galway City
If you are looking for a cost-effective filling dinner for your group in a local restaurant, we reco…
Location: Galway
Dining Area with tables, chairs and TV screenHostel Restaurant For Groups in Dublin
The MAZE Restaurant at the Abbey Court Hostel in Dublin
Introducing Dublin's newest student group-friendly restaurant - The MAZE. The restaurant is situated…
Location: Dublin
Packed Breakfast Pack for School Groups in Dublin
Packed Breakfasts to go from The MAZE restaurant in Dublin
Have you an early flight scheduled from Dublin airport or an early departure from the hostel for a d…
Location: Dublin
Plate with Full inglish Breakfast Served on a Black Plate
Full Irish Breakfast at the MAZE restaurant in the Abbey Court Hostel
Your trip to Ireland can’t be complete until you try a traditional Full Irish Breakfast. Every gro…
Location: Dublin
Content Of the packed Lunch for Groups Ireland
Packed Lunches for your group from the MAZE restaurant in Dublin
Are you planning your group trip and wondering what to do for lunch each day? We are here to help yo…
Location: Dublin
Affordable 2 course meals for groups at the Maze restaurant in Dublin
2 Course Group Dinner at the MAZE Restaurant in the Abbey Court Hostel
Are you planning a student group trip to Dublin and looking for affordable dinner options? Look no f…
Location: Dublin
Affordable 3 course meals for groups at the Maze restaurant in Dublin
3 Course Group Dinner at the MAZE Restaurant in the Abbey Court Hostel
The MAZE restaurant is the Abbey Court Hostel’s newest guest facility. All your group trip's accom…
Location: Dublin
Sandwiches and Apples for Packed Lunches for Student and School Groups
Packed Lunches for Your Group in Cork
Is your group planning to go on a day trip from Cork but they are on a tight budget? Are you not sur…
Location: Cork
Burger Served as a Dinner Meal for Groups in Cork
2-Course Group Dinner at Gabriel House in Cork
CGH meal partner in Cork, Gabriel House, offers typically Irish and international meals in a charmin…
Location: Cork
Hot Main Dish -  pork, potatoes and veg
3-Course Group Dinner at Gabriel House in Cork
Looking for a group dinner option can be a hassle: in the worst case, you can’t find a restaurant…
Location: Cork
Gabriel House Budget Accomodation Cork dining area
Group Meal Options at Gabriel House in Cork
If you are planning to stay in Cork with your group and you are looking for good-value meal options…
Location: Cork
Artists performing on the stage - Irish House party logo in the Background
Irish House Party Dinner and Show in Dublin
The Irish House Party celebrates traditional Irish music in a show that will make you feel like you…
Location: Dublin
Celtic Artist Performance on the Stage During The Dinner Show
Celtic Nights Show at the Arlington Hotel in Dublin
Is your group looking to experience an Irish dancing sit down show in Dublin City Centre?   At…
Destination: Dublin

If your group has a particular interest and would like to build their own tailored experience- this can be arranged for you – just let us know your requirements.

Why book your group meals with us?

  • Convenience: Don't worry about contacting multiple venues or planning logistics. We handle everything, so you can show up with your group and find your meals ready and waiting.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our pre-booked group meals provide excellent value for money. Stay within your budget while enjoying tasty food without any hidden extras.
  • Flexibility: We can accommodate special dietary requirements and allergies, ensuring everyone in your group can enjoy their meals worry-free.



Have you not found a meal option suitable for your group’s location?

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our best to organise a group meal close to you.

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