Start Planning your Group Trip!
Start Planning your Group Trip! Start Planning!

Packed Lunches for your group from the MAZE restaurant in Dublin


Cost-effective packed lunch options for groups on tour from the Abbey Court Hostel


Are you planning your group trip and wondering what to do for lunch each day? We are here to help you. Take the hassle out of arranging your group lunches in Dublin and pre-book packed lunches with us now to save lots of time and money.


What does a Packed Lunch from the MAZE restaurant consist of?

A tasty sandwich

A healthy piece of fruit

Packet of Crisps

Bottle of Water


What to expect for your group when you book a packed lunch:

  • A tasty and nutritional lunch packed per person in a bag, all ready for you to take out.
  • The entire group will receive the same lunch; dietary requirements will be catered for and flagged separately from the main packed lunches.
  • Packed lunches can be provided any time of the day and need to be pre-booked in advance.
  • Conveniently prepared in the MAZE restaurant in the Abbey Court Hostel, lunches are available for collection from reception each day at times you choose. Early start for a day trip? No worries; the bags will be ready to take out when departing on tour.

Contact CGH

Would you like to book a Packed Lunch for your student group tour? If so, contact us now to discuss your requirements or complete the online group booking form.


You can also order packed breakfasts for your group staying in Dublin City.

Useful Information
Meal Booking times

Packed Lunches can be arranged for groups 24 x 7 (advance booking is necessary).


Notes for Group Leaders

Packed lunches must be collected by group leaders each day at the designated time booked for collection from reception.

A minimum of 15 people is generally required for group prices. We can still arrange packed lunches for smaller groups. Please contact us for further details, as supplements may apply.


The MAZE restaurant can only provide packed lunches for guests in the Abbey Court Hostel.


Dietary requirements - must be received 1 month prior to arrival and the name of the students/leaders must be provided for each dietary requirement. Late dietary requirements may not be catered for. For Nut allergies – you must advise how severe it is and if the student/leader carries an EPI pen.


The MAZE restaurant, Abbey Court Hostel, 29 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1 .








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