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Dublin Writers Museum facade - 10 literary attractions for groups

10 literary attractions in Dublin for groups

Dublin has a rich heritage when it comes to literature, with greats such as Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce all associated with Ireland’s capital city. Thankfully for visitors to the city, there are plenty of attractions for those wishing to celebrate Dublin as a City of Literature.


Dublin Writers Museum

One of Dublin's literary attractions - Dublin Writers Museum
The Dublin Writers Museum

The Dublin Writers Museum is situated in the heart of the north side of the city, in Parnell Square in a glorious 18th-century mansion. It houses a vast collection of some of the greatest works of some of Ireland’s literary greats. Here you can learn about Shaw, Wilde, Joyce and Beckett through their letters, works and personal items. There are tours available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

For more info visit, Dublin Writers Museum


Chester Beatty Library

Chester Beatty Library
The Chester Beatty Library on the grounds of Dublin Castle

Described by Lonely Planet as one of the best museums in Europe, the Chester Beatty Library is a celebration of the work of collector Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. It has a rich collection of artifacts from across the world, including Egyptian papyrus texts, copies of the Qur’an, the Bible and various other European medieval and renaissance manuscripts. Best of all, admission is free.

For more info visit, Chester Beatty Library


James Joyce Centre

James Joyce Centre
Dublin’s James Joyce Centre

James Joyce (1882 – 1941) is one of Ireland’s most influential and celebrated writers. He is most well-known for his ground-breaking work, Ulysses (1922) but that is just the tip of the iceberg regarding his genius. Quite rightfully, Dublin has a devoted an entire centre to him at 35 North Great George’s Street where you can celebrate all things James Joyce and take part in some exceptionally entertaining tours.

For more info visit, James Joyce Centre


 Martello Tower – James Joyce

 Martello Tower
Martello Tower on the south side of the city

The Martello Tower in Sandycove, also known as the James Joyce Tower, is the most famous of its kind in Ireland and is dedicated to the famous writer who it is said gained his inspiration for his seminal work Ulysses whilst living there. It is one of a series of towers built in Dublin to withstand an invasion by Napoleon and now houses a museum which includes letters, photographs and personal items of Joyce’s.

For more info visit, Martello Tower


Trinity College – Books of Kells & the Old Library

Trinity College Library
Trinity College’s Library Building

For literary fans, no visit to Dublin would be complete without a visit to the Old Library at Trinity College and the Book of Kells. Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre in College Green, Trinity College itself is a magnificent place to visit and inside the 18th century Old Library, which looks like something you would find in a Harry Potter Movie, you will find the 9th-century Book of Kells which contains the four Gospels in Latin.

For more info visit, Trinity Library


Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Dublin Literary Pub Crawl
What you can expect on Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

No, this is not just an Irish stereotype of getting drunk but rather the opportunity to learn about some of Ireland’s greatest books and writers in a fun way. It combines street theatre with an irreverent look at some great works.

For more info visit, Literary Pub Crawl


The National Library of Ireland – The Life & works of William Butler Yeats

The National Library of Ireland
The National Library of Ireland

The National Library of Ireland has a superb exhibition showcasing the works of William Butler Yeats. Since it opened in 2006, over a quarter of a million people have visited this exhibition which features lots of interactive award-winning displays, a quiz and much more.

For more info visit, National Library of Ireland


Marsh’s Library

Marsh's Library
Marsh’s Library

This is the oldest public library in Ireland, founded by Archbishop Narcissus Marsh, situated in St Patrick’s Close, just beside St Patrick’s Cathedral. Here you will find a library that is perfectly preserved from the eighteenth century. It houses over 25,000 rare and fascinating books, and it is open every day except Tuesday and Sunday.

For more info visit, Marsh’s Library


St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral
St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Clanbrassil Street

Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan Swift was the Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral from 1713 until his death in 1745 at the ripe old age of 78. At St. Patrick’s Cathedral, itself a stunning structure, you can find copies of his work and a desk that he wrote from, as well as his death mask and a copy of his skull!

For more info visit, St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Pat Liddy Walking Tours

Pat Liddy Walking Tours
Pat Liddy Walking Tours

Regarded as one of the best walking tours you can attend, the Pat Liddy Walking Tours have two specialist walking tours that will be of special interest to literary fans – the Bloomsday Walk that celebrates James Joyce’s Ulysses and takes place on June 16th and the tour that celebrates the annual Dublin Literary Festival.

For more info visit, Pat Liddy Walking Tours

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