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Walking tours of Dublin - the best way to explore the city

Walking guided tours of Dublin for Groups

We are always telling our groups that Dublin city is literally on their doorstep when staying in our hostels in Dublin and that the best things to do and see are always just a walk away. And to prove our point, we’ve listed what we see are some of the very best walking tours of Dublin. Get out the comfy shoes, bring along a bottle of water and if you’re really lucky, sun block (!).


This is a selection of the most popular tours booked by our groups, see the Dublin that workers, commuters and we city centre folk see every day of our lives.

Where better to start than one of our personal favourites – the 1916 rebellion walking tours. You probably have a sketchy idea of the history or you may know all about Ireland’s bloody rebellion in 1916 which although failed, eventually led to the establishment of our Republic today. This is a fantastic educational tour for groups providing an amazing insight into Irish History. It is also great fun – Lorcan and his team are amazing story tellers and provide lots of local stories and “craic” mixed in with history. You may even get a whiff of gun smoke as they regale you stories of this historic period!


Literary Dublin boasts James Joyce as one of its famous sons and guided walking tours surrounding his life and the lives of his characters can be enjoyed, starting from the James Joyce centre in North Great Georges Street.

For a broader range of tours, we call in more experts. At Pat Liddy’s walking tours of Dublin, you can walk through the city on any number of themed journeys. From the U2 & Rock Tour to the Political Tour, you’ll get firsthand knowledge of the role Dublin plays in greater Irish life. Add to that, historical tours like Viking & Medieval, Literary, Architectural and many more and it’s easy to see why we recommend the walking tour as a great idea for any group to explore our city.


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