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Louise leading music and Irish dance event on the stage

The Celtic Dance Party Experience in Dublin

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Immerse Yourself in Irish Culture - Unforgettable Fun with Ceili and Sean Nós Dancing


What is the Celtic Dance Party Experience?

The Celtic Dance Party Experience is an unforgettable immersion into Irish Culture, filled with laughter, excitement and the iconic Irish "craic". By participating in simple group dances that are fun and easy for everyone to join - your group will learn two Irish dance forms:

  • Ceili Dancing
  • Sean Nós Dancing

This is a hands-on fun activity for groups trying out unique dance experiences in Ireland – lots of energy is required!


What can your group expect during this experience?

  • This is a daytime experience only and will last 60 minutes
  • It will start with an Introduction to the history of Irish Music & Dance
  • Your group will watch a Live performance of Irish Dance/Sean Nos by your instructor
  • Next, you start warming up to an upbeat Irish tune
  • Now it is your turn for instruction in Ceili & Sean Nos Steps, learning 3 – 4 group dances from a variety including the Two Hand Reel, Maggie in the Wood, Bridge of Athlone.
  • The lesson continues with a Ceili dancing session where the group will put into practice the skills they have learned. (Leaders watch out will be asked to join in as well)
  • The session concludes with a Q & A on aspects of Irish Dance & Music


Who is your instructor?

Louise O'Connor, a native of Clare in the West of Ireland, is a skilled traditional musician and dance instructor with a lifelong engagement in Irish traditional music and dance since the age of 7. She manages the Celtic Dance Party Experience, collaborating extensively with domestic and international groups. Louise's focus is sharing authentic Irish culture, inviting participants to actively engage in the experience.


Book your session today and be part of an authentic Irish experience. Let the Celtic Dance Party be the highlight of your Dublin adventure!



Contact CGH

Does this unique Irish Experience sound like something your student group would like to try? Contact us for more details or complete the online group booking form

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Louise Irish Dancing Teacher with Fiddle Outdoor
Stage setup for iIish cultural and music event
People Enjoying Dancing Session Party - Cultural Workshop Experience
Teacher on the Dancing and Music Event Workshop
People Participating in Dancing and Music Event Workshop
Useful Information

Running Times
Day time experience only

Mon 13.00 - 16.00 hrs
Tues 10.00 - 17.00 hrs
Wed 10.00 - 13.00 hrs & 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
Thur 10.00 - 17.00 hrs



Notes for Group leaders

Min 30 participants required for this experience

Duration of Session

1hr *

*Sessions can be tailored to include Irish Music history also – please enquire for more details.



Location of the Event

Dublin City Centre
Liffey Trust Studios
117-126 Upper Sheriff Street
Dublin 1


The Celtic Dance Party Experience

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