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Falls Road Walking Tour

Walking Tour

Option 1 - Falls Road Mural Tour Walking Tour


Former political ex-prisoners and activists from within the Republican community lead this 3-hour walking tour and provide student groups with an in-depth perspective into the most recent phase of the Anglo/Irish conflict. The guides merge their own personal stories and experiences into the route as they visit many different sites that explain both the local and wider history of Ireland.


Why this tour for student groups?

Learning beyond the classroom – this tour gives student and educational groups an immersive perspective into the Anglo/Irish conflict. Why and how it has affected and is still affecting the lives of those living in Northern Ireland today. For these Coiste guides, this project is a living history. They are a vital source and a valuable link to the most recent phase of the conflict in Northern Ireland.


The tour commences at Divis Tower at the bottom of the Falls Road and travels through the main arterial route of West Belfast, visiting The International Peace Wall, the Republican Memorial gardens and many well-known murals (each with their own particular story, some relating to the conflict in other areas around the world). The tour concludes at Milltown Cemetery, where three of the hunger strikers who died during the 1981 hunger strike are buried with other colleagues who also paid the ultimate sacrifice in fulfillment of their political beliefs.


This tour is a must-do for international visitors to Belfast seeking to understand the conflict and consequences of that period. The guides have such a deep and personal understanding of the events in the Falls Road area. It is a living history delivered by those who have lived through the conflict and helped shape the current peace process of today. The personal stories shared by the guides - have a long lasting impact on the tour participants and their understanding of the conflict.


As the tour ends, groups are invited to the Irish Republican Felons Association - Felons Club. The association assists the interests of former republican prisoners. Contact us ref lunch options available for groups here.


For Another Popular Political Tour of Belfast visit Coiste Guided Tour of Falls Road & Shankill or enquire for more options


Photo Gallery
Republican Mural - Falls Road
Coiste Mural on Falls Road
Crosses and Monuments  at Catholic Milltown Cemetery
Bobby Sands MP Mural - Our Revenge Will Be The Laughter Of Our Children
Useful Information
Running Times

Private tours run all year.


Notes for Group Leaders


Max. 20 persons per one guide - if your group is bigger, you will need to split.


Only English language guides are available.


Ending Point of the Tour: Irish Republican Felons Association - Felons Club

Tour Duration

3 hours (unless tailored to be longer/shorter) – no visits or entrance fees are included in the price.


Meeting Point

Divis Tower at the bottom of the Falls Road.


Start Time

Tours are available all day. However, for groups traveling from Dublin for the day - with an 08:00 hrs pick up in Dublin – we recommend starting this tour at 10:45 hrs. The tour will then end at 13:45 allowing the group time for a lunch stop (packed lunch or sit down lunch can be arranged – contact us for details) before commencing afternoon program.

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