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Sport Activities & Gaelic Games Experience in Ireland

Let Your Group Play Ireland’s National Sports

Get ready to immerse your group in Ireland's unique sporting culture! Experience the thrill of Gaelic Football, Hurling, and Handball, distinctive sports deeply rooted in Irish heritage and organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). During this unforgettable experience, your group will visit a local GAA club and immerse themselves in the fantastic world of Irish sports, creating unforgettable memories and fostering a deeper connection with Irish tradition.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage your group in the vibrant world of Gaelic Games in Ireland!

Explore the packages available for your group here and book now:

Irish Culture
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Visits Included
Group With Hurling Sticks Celebrating Gaelic Games Victory in Dublin
Learn to Play Gaelic Games in Dublin
This is your group’s chance to experience an authentic part of Irish culture first-hand: take part…
Location: Dublin
Gaelic Games Kit
Experience Gaelic Games in Belfast
What are Gaelic Games? Gaelic games are national sports unique to Ireland. These traditional Irish s…
Location: Belfast
Gaelic games teams of students posing for a picture on Astroturf in a full kit
Experience Gaelic Games in Galway
What are Gaelic Games? Gaelic Games are the sports that developed in Ireland over hundreds of years…
Location: Galway
Group of students playing with balls in a sports venue
Experience Gaelic Games in Cork
What are Gaelic Games? Ireland's unique Gaelic games include the thrilling sports of Gaelic football…
Location: Cork
Play Gaelic Games and Visit Croke Park With Your Group
Learn to Play Gaelic Games and Visit Croke Park Stadium
One of the best ways to experience Irish culture in an authentic way is to play our national sports…
Location: Dublin

If your group has a particular interest and would like to build their own tailored experience- this can be arranged for you – just let us know your requirements.

Highlights of a Gaelic Games session include:

  • Introduction: Explore Gaelic Football, Hurling, and Handball through engaging discussions and video footage.
  • Skill Development: Learn the fundamentals of each sport from expert trainers, ensuring acomprehensive understanding.
  • Fun-filled Activities: Engage in exciting mini-matches with a 10:1 trainer ratio, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.
  • Convenient Locations: Sessions held in real Gaelic Clubs near your accommodation; wear flatshoes and comfortable sportswear.
  • Suitable for All: Emphasis on teamwork, enjoyment, and bonding, welcoming participants of all athletic abilities.


Is your group located elsewhere in Ireland but still wants to participate in a Gaelic Games Session?

Contact us to arrange a session tailored to your specific requirements.


Regarding the Gaelic Games lesson for groups, we get asked a lot of questions and below you can find the most important answers:


  • How does the games session work?

First, groups are introduced to our unique games that are Gaelic Football, Hurling and Handball. They are shown lots of video footage and the organisers talk with the group about what sports they play etc. The groups are then taught the three Irish sports.

The activities are great fun – each group has a 10:1 trainer ratio with them and after they are taught the basics of each sport, the organisers will play mini matches with the group.


  • Where is it based?

The session are run in a real Gaelic Clubs, In Dublin only a 20 minutes bus journey from the city centre. In Galway & Clare local GAA Clubs are used within convenient access of your accommodation.


  • What does the group need?


All they need are flat shoes, preferably runners, tracksuit/shorts. Please note that not all venues will have showering facilities.


  • How fit does the group need to be?

Don’t worry, your group doesn’t have to be very sporty. The Gaelic Games lesson is more about teamwork, having fun together and bonding. It’s a great way to foster your group’s team spirit!

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