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Do Dublin Hop On Hop Off City Tour Bus on Bridge in Dublin

Exploring Dublin… my experience of the Dublin Bus Hop On Hop Off Tour

Green Dublin Bus Hop On Hop Off Tour

Lionel is our marketing intern here at Celtic Group Hostels and he went to explore Dublin City for a day – he choose the HO HO and this is his post on Dublin Bus – Hop on / Hop Off City Sightseeing tour…….

“If you’ve just arrived in Dublin and feel a bit lost in the city, the Hop-on-Off Bus Tour is for you! It has been carefully designed to give visitors the best overview of the city in barely an hour and a half.

Grab your 2 Days ticket and experience the 24 stops located in the best attractions that Dublin has to offer. As the name of the bus tour implies, you can get into the bus and leave it whenever you want at each of the numerous stops to visit some nice places such as Trinity College, Temple Bar, the Guinness storehouse or … whatever you want as the ticket is valid for 48 hours !! ( TIP – it’s also really cheap as well !!)

Once you have decided to embark for the big adventure, feel free to choose either the “live” English speaking tour or the multilingual pre- recorded tour. By choosing the live comments, you will face the typical Irish sense of humour of the driver which on my tour was very entertaining to enhance the journey ( driver was what you say a typical Dubliner… and very funny – great craic….) On the other hand, if you don’t feel so confident in English you can opt for the second option and choose between a panel of 10 languages.


As buses are travelling every 15 minutes and have two floors stages, you can be sure to have enough space to sit, especially if you are a group, so don’t worry and jump into the bus with your friends!!

You might wonder if the weather will be good enough to visit the city ( if you know what I mean about the Irish Weather and RAIN !! ) … but don’t worry!! Indeed, the tour includes indoor as well as outdoor attractions so there is no excuse to hesitate…….If you feel like walking, go to Phoenix Park which is one of the largest parks in Europe and get a breath of fresh air. This is also a good opportunity to visit the Zoo located in the middle of the Park. If you prefer to stay inside, you have a lot of choice … Old Jameson Distillery, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Writers Museum and much more! So why not try all of them……. Check out the route here

For me a first timer to Dublin – the HO HO is MUST do for all visitors. For groups – what ever Celtic Group Hostel in Dublin you are staying in….. it’s just a stroll to the HO HO bus stops and the tickets are really cheap. Go ahead and try it…….”

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