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Shelbourne Park Stadium

Greyhound Racing at Shelbourne Park in Dublin


Spectate & Bet on Greyhound Races


Shelbourne Park Greyhound Racing Stadium is just a fifteen-minute walk or short bus ride from Dublin City Centre. There’s simply nothing like the buzz of greyhound racing. It’s non-stop entertainment from the first bell till the last race has run its course. When your group arrive at Shelbourne Park, we can arrange for a member of their staff to give you a brief introduction to greyhound racing, or offer you a free copy of their ‘How To Bet Guide’ in a number of different languages.


Greyhound Racing has been a popular sport in Ireland for decades and is regulated by the Bord na gCon, the Irish Greyhound Board. While Greyhound Racing is also quite prominent in the UK, most dogs used there are also bred in Ireland!


This is one of our favourite team nights out here at CGH - we love it. We get very competitive to see who wins the most money!


If you're feeling risky, bet on one of the underdogs - you can win a lot of money that way!

Giulia Draghi, Team CGH


If you want to experience a thrilling occasion that is uniquely Irish, then a night at the dogs in Shelbourne Park is an essential part of your visit to Dublin.


Interested in more traditional Irish sports? Have a look at our tour of Croke Park Stadium or book a Gaelic Games lesson and play yourselves – it’s a great team building experience!


Photo Gallery
Greyhounds on the Track
A Greyhound Race Just Starting
Useful Information
Opening Hours

Racing every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday night

Open Tuesday at 6.30pm, First Race 7.45pm

Open Thursday & Friday at 6.30pm, First Race 8.00pm

Open Saturday 6pm, First Race 7.40pm

Duration of Visit

2 hours approximately



South Lotts Road, Dublin 4

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