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What’s the craic? Our guide to Dublin slang phrases

What’s the craic? Our guide to Dublin slang phrases

The city of Dublin on the East coast of Ireland is vibrant, beautiful and full of personality. As with all cities, Dublin has its own wonderful slang phrases. The Irish accent is loved worldwide… it recently got voted as the sexiest accent in the world (Colin Farrell, swoon!)…however, some of the things that Dubliners come out with leave us reaching for dictionary. Find the Dublin slang phrases hard to understand? Let us help.


Before you visit Dublin we’ll help you get up to speed with the Dublin slang phrases with our handy printable guide. You’ll be speaking like a local in no time!


Direct sayings:

What’s the story / What’s the craic? = How are things / How are you?

Cop on = Have some sense


Generally describing something or someone:

I was scarlet = I was red with embarrassment

The craic (crack) was 90 = It was good fun

Yer man over there or Yer wan over there = That man over there or that woman over there

An aul wan = An old woman

An aul fella = An old man

Me aul fella = My Dad

Eejit = Idiot

The jax = The toilet

Rapid = Cool

Massive = Nice

Plonker = A foolish person

Culchie = A country person

A fag = A cigarette

A bird = A girl

A Tosser = a person of a very low character

Grand = Ok or fine


Pub humour:

I was langered = I was drunk

I was locked = I was drunk

I was fluthered = I was drunk

I was hammered = I was drunk

I was smashed = I was drunk

A pint of the black stuff = A pint of Guinness


If you can remember these you’ll be all set for your trip to Dublin. Learnt any new phrases whilst in Dublin? Leave us a comment and let us know!

When visiting Dublin the best way to see the city to stay in the centre where it’s all happening; our Celtic Group Hostels in Dublin are located perfectly for this.

Found this useful? Download and print this handy Dublin slang phrases guide to have on hand for your visit.

Blog written courtesy of our new intern Anna.

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