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The Queen Of Tarts- Dublin’s Crown jewel

The Queen Of Tarts- Dublin’s Crown jewel

The ultimate sweet gem situated in Dublin’s medieval district. At a glance you could quite easily walk past the Queen Of Tarts but my-oh-my would you be missing out. From the exterior it looks like a regular café, but as you enter the tiny wooden doors you will realise that what’s inside is anything but ordinary. Read on to find out why you should put it at the top of your groups to do list…


The first thing that hits you is the smell. The aroma of freshly baked sweet treats mixed with recently ground coffee floats from the open kitchen and fills the air. As you look around you will notice it’s a charming place that’s bustling with all different kinds of people. Business people having a quick meeting, ladies lunching and friends enjoying a catch up. The décor is equally as charming and wouldn’t look out of place at Alice’s tea party in wonderland. Vintage china cups and teapots lay across the tables in a perfectly quaint way, as people sip their tea and tuck into the scrumptious food.

There is a big selection of food to choose from. They have a breakfast menu serving anything from a hearty full Irish breakfast, to a fresh fruit salad. If you fancy popping in a little later, their lunch menu offers a wide range, from hot homemade soup (perfect on a cold, rainy day) to savoury tarts.  And of course there is a ‘Happy Endings’ section with the extensive list of yummy cakes.

A trip to the Queen Of Tarts just wouldn’t be complete without having one of these heavenly cakes. Your mouth will water with just one glimpse and well let’s face it… would be rude not to right? Then comes the hardest choice of the day, which one to go for. They all look so inviting as they sit perfectly stacked on cake stands behind the gleaming glass cabinet. If you really can’t make a choice (which is highly likely) then you can have them to go. You’re tasty delight will come in a pretty, vintage style box, wrapped in matching baby blue ribbon, like a little gift to yourself.

The Queen Of Tarts has definitely earned its majestic name and we think wears the crown for the best tarts in town. Be sure to add it to your ‘must see’ list for your group trip to Dublin. For more ideas on where to explore in Dublin visit our ‘Dublin Things to do’ guide.

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