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Happy Easter -Willie Wonka, Dublin style -try out a trip to the Chocolate Warehouse!

Happy Easter -Willie Wonka, Dublin style -try out a trip to the Chocolate Warehouse Dublin!

We’re not too interested in chocolate in our office. …we can take it or leave it. But we usually end up taking it and as much of it as we can get our chocolate-stained hands on!! The good people over at the Chocolate Warehouse Dublin had people like us in mind when they set up their amazing place just a 10 minute bus ride outside of the city. By people like us, I mean chocolate obsessed addicts!


Chocolate workshops are run for both adults and children alike and it’s not all about stuffing your face. You’ll get to find out about the origins of chocolate from the time of the Aztecs and how cocoa beans became one of the world’ s most sought after commodities. You’ll also get your very own Willie Wonka moment as you’ll find out how chocolate is made. But don’t stand too close to the screen because we all remember what happened to greedy Agustus in the famous film…

You then get to see a real chocolate demonstration in full flow. Here, the experienced staff at the Chocolate Warehouse Dublin will explain how Easter eggs are made. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty! If you’re looking for fun things to do in Dublin, this must be near the top of your list.

The hands-on session is one of the most popular and grown men and women have been known to rediscover the child inside as they enrobe, decorate and package chocolate to bring home. Just remember to take some home and not eat it all on the bus!

The folk at the Chocolate Warehouse have designed specific educational workshops and have worked hard at ensuring every workshop is suited to the age of the group.


So there you have it – Dublin’s very own Willie Wonka experience. Just don’t expect to see any oompa loompas !! So if you think this is what you want to do in Dublin let us know. As part of the trip planning service for groups booking our hostels in Dublin with us, we can organise discounted prices for Dublin’s chocolate warehouse. Eh take away the hassle of booking…….. just eating and playing with chocolate  – sounds good to us…..


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