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Christ Church Cathedral  in Dublin Close up Building

Find God in Ireland - a tour of Dublin’s most famous cathedrals and churches…

Cathedrals and Churches Tour of Dublin

Making a trip to Dublin is like a pilgrimage of sorts for every traveller. It’s something that must be done at least once in your life, it’ll change you forever and it might even cure you of something – what that is, who knows?!. On your next trip to our fair city, take in the incredible religious history and wonderful monastic architecture. It is indeed a sight to behold (last religious pun – I promise!!)


What makes Dublin different is the fact that everything is in walking distance. As a compact city, much of old Dublin is ideally laid out for the visitor who prefers to make their way on foot. We’ve had a think about the best route for you and below, we take you through a selection of Dublin’s most famous churches and cathedrals. It’s Dublin sightseeing at its most beautiful.


It’s no surprise to find out we’re starting in the famous Christchurch Cathedral which is just ten minutes walk from Trinity College. It’s Dublin’s oldest building and dates back to the 11th century. Just a few hundred metres away is another iconic Dublin religious landmark in St Patrick’s Cathedral. This is famed for its appreciation of the role of music and was the location for the debut of the beautiful Handel’s messiah back in 1752. The music does not stop there.

The ringing of the bells in both places is a time-honoured tradition and a wonderful insight into the heritage and ritual of life for the religious in times gone by. We can organise tours for groups involving this and full tours of religious Dublin in general.


Lesser known churches are no less beautiful and are scattered right across the city. Other interesting options include the Carmelite church on Whitefriars st. It is said that this is where the remains of St. Valentine are laid to rest. Other beautiful churches can be found on St Stephens Green and Marlborough st in Dublin 1.

Whether you just want to find out where the nearest service is on or would like a comprehensive tour organised, we can help. As part of the trip planning service for groups booking our hostels in Dublin with us, we can organise discounted prices for visits of our famous Churches and cathedrals.

Just to make sure we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet – (sorry!)

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