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Butlers Chocolate Experience- The tastiest tour in town

Butlers Chocolate Experience- The tastiest tour in town

Ever wondered what it’s like to look around a real working chocolate factory? Well we went along to the only Butlers Chocolate factory in the world to sample lots of yummy Irish treats and to find out what really goes on behind closed doors. Read on to find out what yummy delights were in store for us and why it makes the perfect group trip…


What to expect…

Your tasty tour will begin in the cinema room where you will watch the Butlers chocolate movie, and of course what film would be complete without some snacks. You get to sample white, dark and milk Butlers chocolate buttons. YUM! And that’s just the beginning of the samples.

Next, wander around the chocolate museum where you can find where chocolate began and how it was once only for the rich. The chocolate timeline will teach you how it evolved from just a bean to a luxurious treat and of course there are more samples, this time it’s a milk chocolate truffle! Mmmm.

Now for a real behind the scene sneak peek, as you watch the workers in action making the delectable treats from the viewing platforms where you get a panoramic view of the whole factory. Don’t forget to pick up your free sample of vanilla fudge.

And last but by no means least, visit the experience room and become a chocolatier as you hand decorate your very own chocolate bear to take home with you.


Yummy group tours…

The Butlers chocolate experience can cater for groups big and small, and offer discounts so give us a call and we can sort your booking for you. If you fancy testing your kitchen skills, Butlers also offer a chocolate cookery master class where you will get taught how to make your very own sweet dishes.


How to get there…

The Butlers factory isn’t near the city centre, so our advice would be to book a private bus for your group to ensure you arrive on time. We can do all of this for you and offer great group rates.


Our top tip…

Go to the Chocolate café after your tour and try one of the Butlers signature hot chocolates. They are so scrumptious!

Contact us now to book this yummy tour and for your group hostel in Dublin.




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