Start Planning your Group Trip!
Start Planning your Group Trip! Start Planning!
Group with Molly Malone Statue in Ireland

Top tips for planning a group trip!

Top tips for planning a group trip!

Travelling together with a group of people is a fun and practical way to explore a new country. You have people to socialise with, someone to take charge of the group and can get group discounts (and who doesn’t love to save money?!). We deal with 100s of groups each year.. so how can you make your trip a success? Read on for our top tips for planning a group trip.

To make sure your group trip runs smoothly, the best thing is to plan ahead. At Celtic Group Hostels we have been helping groups plan visits to Ireland for years and have plenty of experience in the best ways to make your trip a success. Here are our suggestions:


  • Choose a leader – find someone in your group who knows you all well enough to make good decisions for the group and is well organised. We have a handy printable guide for group leaders here.
  • Choose your dates – when is suitable? Try and consider: school holidays, local public holidays and times of events you would like to experience (think: Festival Season Summer/Autumn). Don’t forget prices may change around big events.
  • Choose your destination – the fun bit! Research your location; what you would most like to see and visit? We pride ourselves on being Ireland experts so contact us to find which city is best for your group: Dublin, Cork, Galway City, The Cliffs of Moher and Connemara.
  • Work out your budget – less fun, but equally as important! Remember to factor in: accommodation, meals, transport, insurance and things to do! We have lots of special offers for your group to help money go further. Ireland has a vast choice of wonderful attractions on offer for a variety of budgets. Work out what you can afford and plan ahead.
  • Plan your itinerary –the best part! Ireland has so much to offer you in terms of culture, history, music and FUN! Work out a day by day outline, our website’s ‘Things to Do’ section showcases the best across Ireland. Make life easier for your group and let us book it all for you!

Let us help plan your trip and contact us now to find group accommodation in our hostels across Ireland in Dublin, Cork, Galway City, The Cliffs of Moher and Connemara and book things to do across the country. Want to try something different? Check out our Irish Experiences in Dublin and other locations section on our website to see something beyond sightseeing and get a hands-on experience with Irish culture.

Now that you’ve planned your trip it’s time to GO and have fun in the wonderful (perhaps we’re biased?!) country of Ireland. Best of luck and enjoy the craic!


Written by our marketing intern Anna.

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