Start Planning your Group Trip!
Start Planning your Group Trip! Start Planning!

Welcome to our new website -a must visit for all student groups travelling to Ireland

Welcome to our new website -a must visit for all student groups travelling to Ireland

We’ve upped our game here at Celtic Group Hostels. In case you haven’t noticed (shame on you!), we have a brand, spanking new website to show off our wares. As Ireland’s largest group hostel specialists, we were running out of room in the old place and it was time to pack up and move on to our new digital home. Visit our new site here


Moving house on the Internet is a bit like moving home normally. Add in the regular stress, the constant feeling you’ve forgotten something and the nagging worry that the new house will not be as great as you think it will. And then you get there, and you wonder what all the fuss was about. Our new home is fantastic and it gives us the ideal platform to tell you everything you need to know.


With our personalised group booking system, you need never be in doubt whether or not we can fit you in. Our Activities & Tours guide and blogs give you the full picture of what’s going on – wherever you are. And now with a growing family of ten hostels country-wide, we have to be on our toes and keep you informed about what’s happening all over the country. You can even sign up for our newsletter online and if you have a soft spot for social media, our tweets are there for all to see. In fact, why not follow us on twitter and complete your Celtic Group Hostels online experience.


With tips on planning your trip and ideas for things to do and see, our new website is really a one stop shop for groups coming to or travelling within Ireland. And our new site coincides with the arrival of three new hostels in to our clan. You can now book your group hostel with us whether you want to stay in Dublin, Cork, Galway City, The Cliffs of Moher and Connemara. Our range of locations means you can now book different parts of the country as part of a multi stop tour.

And if you’re the type that prefers to pick up the phone, instead of going through our website please do so. With us, you get local knowledge, attention to detail and most importantly, a commitment to make your stay with us as enjoyable, informative and hassle-free as possible.


I mentioned Facebook right ? No? Sorry Facebook addicts, you can of course join us there too … fact wherever you turn in the digital world, you’ll find us there too !

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