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Beyond Sightseeing: Experience Ireland with us

Beyond Sightseeing: Experience Ireland with us

We at Celtic Group Hostels love showing you the sights that Ireland has to offer, but more than that, we want to help you experience Ireland and Irish culture. The real Ireland is found in the craic, the culture and the experiences – what we call “beyond sightseeing”. Ireland’s unique styles of music, dance, sport and storytelling are excellent ways to explore this. Want to try something truly Irish? Read on:


Want to experience the real Ireland? Go beyond sightseeing and read our choice of top Irish experiences:


There’s no better way to get into the Irish spirit than with live Irish music! Irish music is made up of fast paced dances and beautiful songs grown from oral traditions. The soul of Ireland is written into its music and you can feel this in every performance. Festivals, events, and pubs provide platforms to see this in action.


It’s impossible to listen to Irish music and not tap your feet! Irish music and dance go hand in hand. The global success of Riverdance has put Irish dancing in the spotlight. See this lively tradition yourself by watching a performance or maybe try it yourself(we highly recommend this) and see what it’s all about!


Though the soul of Ireland is in its music, Irish pride is in its sports. Games such as Gaelic Football and Hurling are unique to Ireland! Hurling, our national sport, is a fast paced game with prehistoric origins. For the first time viewer of Irish sport there is a lot going on, but it’s an incredible sport that has to be experienced first-hand – you can even learn the basics yourself!


The Irish love to talk, combine this with a culture rich with myth and folklore and you create an incredible storytelling experience. Across the country there are opportunities to hear stories told by passionate Irish storytellers. The oral tradition is continued today and listening to their stories transports you to a magical world.


If you want to get hands on experiences with Irish culture then we have the perfect opportunities for you. Our ‘Things to Do’ guide has a range of ‘Irish Experiences’ which are a fun way to have a taste of Ireland. Stay in one of our Celtic Group Hostels in Dublin, Cork, Galway City, The Cliffs of Moher and Connemara and book these experiences with us now!


Blog post courtesy of our marketing intern Anna.

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