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Belfast Day Tour -What To Expect

Belfast Day Tour - What To Expect

One of the most popular day tours for groups from Dublin is our Belfast day tour with our partners Extreme Ireland. Want to experience the political history of the North on your group trip to Ireland? Read our blog to find out the low down on our Belfast tour.

Our lucky girls from the office, Sarah and Anna, took the day out of the office to take the Belfast day tour with Extreme Ireland. They’ve written this blog to give you an idea of what to expect when you book a Belfast day tour with us:


Which tour?
Belfast day tour


Who was our guide?
Our chirpy local guide was called Gabriel (Gabe to his fellow travellers); he was a fountain of knowledge and enthusiasm throughout the day and even treated us to a little Gaelic song on the way home!


What did we see?

  • History of Ireland – Gabe gave us an unbiased, condensed history of Ireland from the Ice Age up to the present day to give us a better understanding of the North’s political troubles.
  • Political and historical tour of the Falls Road and Shankhill Road – Catholic and Protestant streets in close proximity lined with murals and propaganda highlighting the continued tension between the two.
  • Belfast Peace Wall – visit the wall which once separated the two fighting territories, which still remains as a symbol of peace. You can sign the wall with messages of hope and peace.
  • Republican Museum – a small museum set up by the late Eileen Hickey which showcases the fight for Republican causes over the years and commemorates the hunger strikers that died.
  • ADD ON: Titanic Experience – a spectacular centre to both look at and explore filled with detailed interactive exhibitions showing the Titanic from her birth to her fateful end.
  • St Patrick’s Grave – the resting place of Ireland’s patron saint and visitor centre explaining his life and legacy.
  • Dundrum Castle – Norman castle with views overlooking the estuary. It is possible to climb the steep staircase in the tower and get a spectacular view.
  • Mourne Mountains – the stunning setting for C.S.Lewis’ Narnia. Stop here for a photo opportunity and some fresh air and experience ‘gravity hill’ where it would appear that the bus rolls uphill!


What to expect?
This day tour captures the history of Northern Ireland’s troubled political past. It demonstrates how that has affected the present day, whilst at the same time taking a step back from politics and showing the older history and beauty of the region by showcasing countryside and monuments outside of the city.

This tour is a real must see for anyone who wants to learn more about Ireland’s complex history or experience the beauty of the North all in a one day tour! We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and think that you will too! Contact us now to book this tour and Dublin hostel accommodation for your group with Celtic Group Hostels, the Ireland experts!


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