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10 Tips to Help or Prevent an Emergency

While none of us like to think about having to deal with an emergency when on the road, it’s a fact of life that they do happen. Dealing with them when it’s only you and your friends or family is one thing… dealing with them when you’re looking after a group of 10 or more can be that little bit more challenging!

If there’s one thing that makes the possibility of something happening a little less daunting, it's preparation. With this in mind, here are 10 ways to prepare for some worst-case scenarios:


1 - Have the ‘Doctor on Call’ Number

If there’s a medical emergency among your group, you might not have to rush the patient to Hospital, you could just ring the Doctor on Call instead. Here, the number is 1850 777 911. It’s a low-cost local number that might not work from your mobile phone so if you need to ring it ask your hostel to ring the number for you.

2 - Ensure You’ve Got All Email Addresses / Numbers of Your Groups’ Parents/Guardians

The first thing you’ll need to do if something happens to a member of your group is to notify their parents/guardians. Make sure to collect all numbers and email addresses of them before you depart.


3 - Keep a Copy of Everybody’s Passport

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to bring a member of your group to a doctor or, worse still, the hospital, you’ll need some ID for the patient. Make sure to get a copy of everybody’s passport so you have them on file.


4 - Know of Any Allergies

Do you know a good way to avoid emergencies? By making sure not to give any of your group the wrong food! Make sure to ask your group and their parents if there are any allergies you should know about.

5 - Check if There Are Any Dietary Requirements

Similarly, you want to make sure none of your group are fed the wrong thing. The one way to make sure that doesn’t happen is by discovering all dietary requirements prior to departure.

6 - Know of Any Medication

Anybody in your group taking regular medication? Will need to go to a pharmacy to get medication when you’re in Ireland? If so, do the group have their prescriptions with them if you need to buy any medication when you’re here? These are all questions you need answers for before departure.

7 - Always Start a Trip with a Meeting Point

Dublin, Cork or Galway might not be the biggest cities in the world, but getting lost is easy in them. To avoid this happening, agree on a meeting point every time you split up. This way if anybody gets lost they’ll know exactly where to (try to!) go.

8 - Know the Skills / Strengths of the Group

Are some of your group better communicators than others? Are some more natural leaders? Do some have better English than others? Find who’s best at what, then know who can help you in different situations if there’s an emergency.

9 - Enforce an Alcohol Policy

If there’s one thing that can cause problems, it’s alcohol! Know from the outset what your alcohol policy if your group are that little bit older and might be allowed sample a Guinness or two!

10 - Adopt a Buddy System

When people get lost, nine times out of ten it’s because they’re on their own. Before each excursion where you’re leaving your group for a space of time, make sure every member of your group has a ‘buddy’ who they must stay with at all times.

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