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Group of students chilling at Abraham Hostel

7 Reasons Hostels Are Perfect for Youth and Student Groups Coming to Ireland

When you bring a group anywhere, whether it’s just a weekend trip or a full-blown vacation, accommodation is one of the most important things to organise in advance. While you can get away with finding a bed on the spot when you’re alone or on the road as a couple, that won’t do when you have to organise for a large group.


We here at Celtic Group Hostels would like to give you a couple of reasons why staying in a hostel here in Ireland is exactly what your group is looking for – especially youth and student groups will feel right at home.

  • 1 - Atmosphere and People – Make New Friends Easily

    Group of students chilling at Isaacs hostel


    If your group consists mostly of young people who want to meet some likeminded spirits, a hostel is just the place you’re looking for. Popular with young people due to the budget pricing and more reasons explored below, one of the many communal spaces might just be the place to meet new friends from all over the world. Some of them will be seasoned travellers, some may have just left their home country without family for the first time, some could just be on a school trip - you’re bound to meet some interesting people, some of whom may even become your friends.

  • 2 - Central & Rural Locations

    Outdoors lunch at a Rural Hostel in Connemara


    Many countries offer wildly different tourist experiences whether you’re staying in a city or in the countryside. Accommodation for your group should never be an issue though, as there are hostels available everywhere. We speak from experience – after all, we’ve got hostels from the beating heart of Dublin to the rugged beauty of rural Connemara on the Wild Atlantic Way. No matter if you want to explore fascinating museums in Dublin and Cork or see the Cliffs of Moher with your own eyes – hostels are available everywhere you go in Ireland.

  • 3 – Security

    Safe Deposit Boxes at the Sleepzone Hostel Galway


    All our hostels come with security measures to protect what’s important to your group. Whether you’re in a busy city or a rural location, security for both your group and your belongings is an important part of any accommodation. 24-hour reception means that there’s no curfew and the staff will make sure only guests of the hostel can enter. CCTV surveillance is setup in the entrance, common areas and hallways, and thanks to the keycard locks on all the doors, your room can only be entered by you. With free luggage storage as well as safe deposit boxes and laptop safes, your valuables can also be safely locked away. All our hostels take your security very seriously, so your group can enjoy Ireland carefree.

  • 4 - Tips and Tricks from Local Tourism Experts

    Local Experts at Ashfield Hostel Dublin


    Genuine tips and tricks on the city your group is staying in can sometimes be hard to come by – not in a hostel though. The friendly staff are well prepared to tell you exactly where to go, what to see and how to get there. They will be well informed which pub has the best live music, what shows are on and what attractions best suit your group’s interests, no matter whether it’s history, literature or sports. In short, they know where craic is mightiest. Also, don’t hesitate to ask some of your fellow hostel dwellers for some recommendations. They are likely to share your new-to-the-city perspective and might have already made some interesting discoveries. If you’ve got some good tips by the end of your trip, don’t be afraid to share them either.

  • 5 – Room Types For Every Requirement

    USB Charging Ports on the Beds at Abrahams Hostel Dublin


    Hostels offer a full range of room types for groups to choose from: multi-bedded dorms with 8, 10 or even 12 beds to smaller ones with 4 or 6. For leaders, single and twin rooms are readily available. Our hostels feature a selection of room options – males and females can be separated as required and ensuite bathrooms are available for the majority of rooms. Your group will have their rooms only for themselves – they will not need to share with strangers. What could be a better end to an exciting day than lying awake in bed while talking and joking with your friends about the events of the last hours? Many hostels these days also feature USB ports and power outlets on the bedframe, so you can keep your devices charged at all times.

  • 6 - Communal Kitchen

    Communal Kitchen at Abigails Hostel Dublin


    Communal kitchen spaces have the potential to make the hostel dining experience an event you couldn’t possibly find in a hotel. If your group has some people not afraid to put their cooking skills to the test, get some fresh ingredients from the supermarket or the grocery store and prepare a tasty meal. Don’t miss the opportunity for some local produce if there’s a farmer’s market nearby! As for what to make, you could either try to recreate something typical from your home country or attempt some local recipes. If you want to get to know some other hostel residents (or their favourite recipes), this is your opportunity – after all, the way to a traveller’s heart is through the stomach.

  • 7 - Well Equipped with Modern Facilities

    Free WiFi at the Sleepzone Hostel Galway


    As hostels are especially popular with youth and student groups, keeping up with the needs of young people is mandatory. Wi-Fi with a fast internet connection is free of charge in most hostels (it definitely is in Ireland), so you can stay up to date with what’s happening at home, quickly post your best snapshots of your time in Ireland and easily look up where to get the best fish & chips nearby. Hostels also often offer recreational areas such as game or reading rooms to spend some time away from all the buzz. Cinema rooms for a comfy movie night, best enjoyed with some pizza brought in, are readily available in many hostels – just make sure to let the hostel staff know in advance when you want to use it.


    We’re convinced there’s no better place to stay for youth and student groups than a hostel and we hope you are too now. Ready to get started with booking your group trip to Ireland now? Then don’t waste time and contact Celtic Group Hostels now – not only can we book your accommodation for you, we can also look after your whole itinerary, from attractions and activities down to organising transport and meals for your group.

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