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St Patricks Day Ireland Hats & Flags Festival Dublin

Must haves for St. Patrick’s Festival visitors? Stamina, stamina and…a little plan of action

Plan of Action for St. Patrick’s Festival visitors

Ok – just days to go… think you’re ready….but are you really? If you’re coming to Dublin for St Patrick’s Festival, you are assured of a great time but a little bit more preparation is always a good thing. Stamina is a must have but keep in mind the points below and have the best Paddy’s day ever.


  1. Decide your plan of action for the parade. You might like to retire to a lively pub to watch it or you may even consider lining out along the parade route. We advise you to just get out there and see it live. All our hostels in Dublin are located within easy walking distance of the parade route. Download the route from the website and if you have a Smartphone, there’s a shiny new app to get you going.
  2. Every stitch of green clothing you own or can borrow or steal…. get it in the wash. You’ve enough time to have them washed dried and even ironed (some people iron things apparently….) for the big day.
  3. Decide where you’re going after. We recommend booking tickets for the Guinness storehouse where you can be sure the craic will be mighty. Go on – get organised.
  4. If you’re planning on having a few pints of Guinness and feel there is a risk you may overdo it, stock up on headache tablets. They could be in big demand the day after. Last year, legend has it that a single box of headache tablets was sold for €100 on the streets of Dublin on the 18th March….no, really it was…
  5. For the day itself, get stuck into a hearty Irish breakfast in O’Sheas on Talbot street. It will keep you on the go for hours and hours. Yet another great spot just a quick stroll from at least one of our hostels in Dublin.
  6. And the shoes!!! Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes. You may envy the girl in beautiful heels at 10 am on St Patrick’s morning but you can be sure, she has a pair of flats in her bag. You need a pair too !

If you need more help planning, talk to us. As Dublin’s trip planning specialist, all our hostels in Dublin guests are well clued in and keyed up for what happens in Dublin and you’ll find plenty of things to do for St Patrick’s Festival in Dublin


All festival events are within easy walking distance of our hostels in Dublin, Cork and Galway City. The only place to stay is with Celtic Group Hostels – HURRY get booking now for 2014 – space fills up really fast…… Book Now

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