Marsh’s Library

Address: St Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8

Marsh’s Library, situated in St. Patrick’s Close adjacent to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, is the oldest public library in Ireland. It was built to the order of Archbishop Narcissus Marsh in 1701 and has remained unchanged for three centuries.

The Queen Anne building, with its original oak bookcases, houses a collection of over 25,000 rare and interesting books as well as 300 manuscripts. The library is open to the public and school groups and students are particularly welcome.

Opening Times

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 09.30– 17.00.
Saturday 10.00 – 17.00

Closed Tuesdays, Sundays and bank holidays.
Closed from Christmas Eve, 24th December to New Year’s Day, 1st January inclusive.


30 minutes approximately.


The reading room is open by appointment only during weekdays.