The English Market

Address: Princess Street, Grand Parade Market, Cork

The English Market is one of the most famous attractions in Cork!

Trading as a market since 1788, Cork English Market is one of the oldest of its kind and it has survived the Famine, revolutions, wars, fire and economic decline. The Market has adapted down through the years and now offers a larger range of produce than it did in times past. In times past, most of the shoppers were shopping on a cheaper budget or haggling with the stall owners in hopes of even better deals. A thing that can still be seen today if you feel up to the challenge!

Opening Times

The market is generally open to the public from 8am until 6pm each day.

Some stalls may open later or close earlier.

The market is open from Monday through Saturday each week and is closed on Sunday, it is also closed on public holidays, however this is not always the case.

Visiting the English Market is free of charge.


60 minutes approximately.